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One-Stop Solar Solution From Germany
  • Solar charger with environmental protection, energy saving, low carbon design concept into your life. It is a must for outdoor lovers and business travelers. ALILY solar charger is light, portable, carbon free designed for free charging. You could enjoy convenient charging anytime and anywhere outdoors.
    The most importance for solar charger is the solar panel. The quality of the power plate, the photoelectric conversion efficiency and the power size affect the power generation effect.

    This collection is fashionable in design. Ergonomic and similar in other features to most modern packs, it is not only very durable, but also waterproof and shockproof.A bag in hand, never short of electricity.

    ALILY ENERGY was registered in Germany. ALILY has 20 years solar panel R&D and manufacturing experiences. Products include Portable solar panel charger, poly and mono solar panel 330W-610W, solar system on-grid and off-grid, BIPV solar panel, battary, solar light and etc...

    ALILY supports customized design solar panel and solar system, 24-hour-on line prompt response to your question.
    ALILY will establish a real solar supermarket. We could supply any solar related product as you like.

One-stop solar supermarket on Line!
TOP 1 portable solar charger supplier globally!
ALILY Energy Empower You!
24 hours on line free consulting service about solar PV. 
Solar PV turn-key EPC finishes within 30 days.
1 piece of solar product delivery. 
Product delivery within 15 days. 
ALILY posted 3 boxes of 30W portable solar charger to Xinxiang Henan China on 24th July 2021. Xinjiang Henan province got terribly flooded once in a thousand years and power failed for many days. The solar chargers 
recharged local people's cellphones when emergency happened.



China:Alily Energy Co.,LTD.
Add: Building D5, Standard Workshop, Industrial Zone, Hutang Science Park Industrial Park, Wujin District, Changzhou City
Germany :Alily Energy GmbH
Add: Hildastraße 59 79102 Freiburg im Breisgau
China contact with:+86 - 15005730099
Germany contact with:+49 1627059955;+49-761-706461
Brazil local contact Address: Rua Galvão Bueno 425, Liberdade, 01506-000 São Paulo, Brazil
Brazil contact with: +55 11 975091562
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