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Camping is good thing | a snow mountain camping "emergency artifact"

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It was exciting to see so much snow in Zhejiang in February.

This time we chose Siming Mountain, a wilderness mountaintop. Don't ask if it's cold, just look at the picture!

Cameras and mobile phones soon ran out of power due to the extreme cold, but it was a double whammy and the portable power supply was also out of order. I thought of an outdoor solar panel in my car. This solar panel is rarely used because camping is used to mobile power sources. This one really saved our lives. The peak sun during the day is not bad, 30W peak power, mobile phone and micro charge in about an hour!

This kind of solar panel is very recommended to buy standby, especially like self-driving and camping friends, the critical moment is absolutely a lifesaver! Put up each book is about the same, in the car also does not occupy the place, I this is a Lily, start with the price seems 500m or so.

Welcome to follow, unlock more camping good...

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